Limited Edition Giclée Art Prints, issued and signed by the artist’s son Enrique Riki Apperley

1.Nocturno albaicinero

1. Nocturnal in the Albayzín, Granada, 360×460 mm.

2.Iglesia de San Gregorio

2. San Gregorio church, Granada, 490×390 mm.

3.Puesta de sol, Moncloa

3. Moncloa sunset, Madrid, 330×480 mm.

4.La Alhambra y el Generalife

4. The Alhambra and Generalife, Granada, 350×520 mm.

5.Jardín de mi casa

5. A corner of my garden, Granada, 400×290 mm.

6.San Millán, Segovia

6. San Millán, Segovia, Spain, 320×460 mm.

7.Bell Yard cottages, Bushey

7. Bell Yard cottages, Bushey, Herts., 470×320 mm.

8.Cuesta del Comino

8. Comino hill, Granada, 340×235 mm.

9.Vista desde mi estudio en Granada

9. View from my studio, Granada, 320×430 mm.

10.La Alhambra desde mi estudio

10. The Alhambra from my studio, Granada, 310×400 mm.

11.La Alcazaba desde mi casa

11. The Citadel from my house, Granada, 325×410 mm.

12.La siesta

12. Siesta, 320×480 mm.

RELEASED in 2015

13. Ídolo Eterno 530x390mm

13. Eternal Idol, 530×390 mm.

La Procesión del Silencio

14. The Silent Procession, Granada, 370×460 mm.

La Sirena

15. The Mermaid, 460×300 mm.

Maillot Rouge

16. Maillot rouge, 520×440 mm.

El baño de la ninfa

17. Nymph bathing, 490×360 mm.

Artemis 500

18. Artemis (Diana the Huntress), 400×225 mm.

Callejon de San Nicolas500

19. San Nicolás, Albayzín, Granada, 400×235 mm.

La Pepita550

20. Pepita, the gypsy, 530×380 mm.

Gitana del Sacromonte550

21. Gypsy from Sacromonte, Granada, 530×380 mm.

The Young Prince

22. The Young Prince

grutas-de-hc3a9rcules (copy)

23. Hercules caves, Tangier, 500×320 mm.

La Zambra

24. Dancing the Zambra, Granada

Los Trotones, Venecia

25. St. Mark’s square, Venice, 350×250 mm.


26. The Alhambra

Las 7 ninfas1K

27. The 7 nymphs, 365×530 mm.


28. Talavera, 475×410 mm.

Black grapes#

29. Black Grapes, 400×270 mm.


30 to 49


Spain in mourning

50. Spain in Mourning, 530×360 mm.



The Certificates of Authenticity are signed by the artist’s son, Enrique Riki Apperley.


A Giclée is a means of reproducing an original.  It is not an original graphic but a fine quality reproduction print.  In many cases, that quality is high enough to reproduce an original in a way that many find superior to that of a serigraph or lithograph.  Many artists have chosen giclée prints precisely for this reason: they want the finest rendition possible of their originals.

All limited edition Giclée prints are produced to the highest quality and supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity approved, signed and numbered by the artist’s son.

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