Limited Edition Giclée Prints, issued and signed by the artist’s son Enrique Riki Apperley

1.Nocturno albaicinero

1. Nocturnal in the Albayzín, Granada, 360×460 mm.

2.Iglesia de San Gregorio

2. San Gregorio church, Granada, 490×390 mm.

3.Puesta de sol, Moncloa

3. Moncloa sunset, Madrid, 330×480 mm.

4.La Alhambra y el Generalife

4. The Alhambra and Generalife, Granada, 350×520 mm.

5.Jardín de mi casa

5. A corner of my garden, Granada, 400×290 mm.

6.San Millán, Segovia

6. San Millán, Segovia, Spain, 320×460 mm.

7.Bell Yard cottages, Bushey

7. Bell Yard cottages, Bushey, Herts., 470×320 mm.

8.Cuesta del Comino

8. Comino hill, Granada, 340×235 mm.

9.Vista desde mi estudio en Granada

9. View from my studio, Granada, 320×430 mm.

10.La Alhambra desde mi estudio

10. The Alhambra from my studio, Granada, 310×400 mm.

11.La Alcazaba desde mi casa

11. The Citadel from my house, Granada, 325×410 mm.

12.La siesta

12. Siesta, 320×480 mm.

RELEASED in 2015

13. Ídolo Eterno 530x390mm

13. Eternal Idol, 530×390 mm.

La Procesión del Silencio

14. The Silent Procession, Granada, 370×460 mm.

La Sirena

15. The Mermaid, 460×300 mm.

Maillot Rouge

16. Maillot rouge, 520×440 mm.

El baño de la ninfa

17. Nymph bathing, 490×360 mm.

Artemis 500

18. Artemis (Diana the Huntress), 400×225 mm.

Callejon de San Nicolas500

19. San Nicolás, Albayzín, Granada, 400×235 mm.

La Pepita550

20. Pepita, the gypsy, 530×380 mm.

Gitana del Sacromonte550

21. Gypsy from Sacromonte, Granada, 530×380 mm.

The Young Prince

22. The Young Prince

Grutas de Hércules

23. Hercules caves, Tangier

La Zambra

24. Dancing the Zambra, Granada

Los Trotones, Venecia

25. St. Mark’s square, Venice


26. The Alhambra

Las 7 ninfas1K

27. The 7 nymphs, 365×530 mm.


28. Talavera, 475×410 mm.

Black grapes#

29. Black Grapes, 400×270 mm.


30 to 49


50 16.3 from 250

50. River of the Jews, Tangier

51 16.8

51. Flamenco Serenade (Cante Jondo)

Spain in mourning

52. Spain in Mourning

The Certificates of Authenticity are signed by the artist’s son, Enrique Riki Apperley.


A Giclée is a means of reproducing an original.  It is not an original graphic but a fine quality reproduction print.  In many cases, that quality is high enough to reproduce an original in a way that many find superior to that of a serigraph or lithograph.  Many artists have chosen giclée prints precisely for this reason: they want the finest rendition possible of their originals.

All limited edition Giclée prints are produced to the highest quality and supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity approved, signed and numbered by the artist’s son.

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