Original oils, watercolours and drawings.

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73 Magda 1942 64x51,5cm

Magda, 1942 oil, 64×51.5cm.

169 El baño de Diana 1945 53x72cm

El baño de Diana, 1945 oil, 53x72cm.

163 Moreno de Granada 1925 58x49cm

Moreno de Granada, 1925 oil, 58x49cm.

255 Hibiscus 1949 69x50cm

Hibiscus, 1949 oil, 69x50cm.

16 El baño de las ninfas 1946 93x62cm

El baño de las ninfas, 1946 oil, 93x62cm.

334 Baigneuse 1950 54x45cm

Beigneuse, 1950 oil, 54x45cm.

B-5 Zoco de Tetuán, óleo 37x27cm 1936

Zoco de Tetuán, 1936 oil, 37x27cm.

141 Danza flamenca 1919 63x45cm

Danza flamenca, 1919 oil, 63x45cm.

10E Ariadna abandonada 1942 28x33cm

Ariadna abandonada, 1942 watercolour, 28x33cm.

A10E Admiración [Ariadna] 1947 25x32cm

Admiración, 1947 watercolour, 25x32cm.

Investing in Giclée Prints

Invest more than money.
Don’t buy if it’s just an investment, otherwise you will be stuck with something you don’t like. I recently bought a print for £200 and now it is worth nearly £2,000 – an investment much better than shares, but I don’t want to sell it!
From an article in The Guardian.

Apperley at LAPADA, London


Apperley was recently present at the prestigious LAPADA art and antiques fair in London with his 1923 watercolour “Star of Andalusia”. The whereabouts of this work was unknown until now. It is illustrated in the comprehensive 1989 Apperley biography written by José Carlos Brasas Egido.

Apperley joins Carrera y Carrera

Apperley joins Carrera y Carrera at their stand in Basel (Switzerland) during the annual International Fair in that city. The 1928 watercolour is titled “Rosa granadina”.


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